Jason Hayes Foundation

As Jason’s mother, recounting Jason’s story is something that is difficult beyond belief.

Yes, it is painful and brings up difficult memories and emotions. However, the most challenging part about this endeavor is to ensure the story is recounted in such a way that it does his life justice and, moreover, honors his memory by providing comfort and support for those who are attempting to overcome the same challenges Jason and our family experienced and continue to struggle with.

Throughout our time together, I often felt as though Jason and I were traveling down a dark road with no light to guide the way. I felt lost and alone, unable to control the path of our lives and uncertain of how to help this child who I believed in and loved unconditionally.

As I tell Jason’s story, I seek to not only provide an account of his life, but to also convey the understanding we gained of how to provide children like Jason with the support, counseling, and structures needed to set them up for success and a healthy, happy adult life.

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