Jason Hayes Foundation

We met Jason in December 1988.

Almost three-years-old, he had already faced a series of overwhelming challenges and obstacles. Born with alcohol and cocaine in his system and suffering from a number of birth defects, he was hospitalized for months and underwent major surgery twice before he was a year old. For the next two and a half years he bounced between a series of foster parents and his birth-mother until we adopted him in June of 1989. The adverse experiences Jason endured during these developmental years would haunt him in flashbacks and nightmares later in his life.

Before Jason came home with us, we prepared ourselves for his arrival by completing a mandatory 10-week training. Impressed with the level of commitment and quality of information we were given, we felt nervous but prepared when Jason officially became part of our family in June 1988.

Our love for Jason was unconditional and our goal was to help him overcome the challenges he had experienced as a baby so that he could grow into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adult. We were determined to help him in any way we could.

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