Jason Hayes Foundation

Camp Scholarships

To ensure our scholarships are going to those children who will benefit the most from this type of support, we base our decisions on the follow criteria:

  • age of the recipient
  • challenges the recipient faces
  • type of camp the recipient will be attending

Scholarships are most frequently awarded to those who

  • are school-aged between the ages of five to 18-years-old
  • are or have been in the foster care system
  • experienced early childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect

and are attending a camp or program that

  • specializes in working with children and young adults who have behavioral, social, or emotional issues and needs
  • demonstrates knowledge of the correlation between early childhood trauma and behavioral, social, emotional, and academic issues later in life
  • employs counselors and professionals who demonstrate a knowledge of and have attended workshops that promote education and support as forms of successful remediation
  • are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations

Occasionally, we also accept applications from campers to attend “for profit” camps if the recipient matches our criteria. Please contact us for more information.


College Scholarships

Decisions for college scholarships are based on both need and merit. Eligible students meet ALL of the following critera:

  • students attending an accredited two or four year college or university
  • Massachusetts residents
  • have been or currently are in the foster care system

This program is new in 2019 and as it develops additional criteria may be added in 2020 and beyond.