Jason Hayes Foundation

Public health professionals, psychologist, early childhood development experts, and neurobiologists have established a connection between early childhood trauma and educational, behavioral, emotional, and social problems that arise later in life.

However, while Jason was alive, and still today, many of these children’s actions are misunderstood and consequently ineffectively handled. Because incorrectly identifying an underlying cause for such actions and lead to additional trauma for these children and young adults, we work to provide

  • scholarships for children and young adults to attend camps and programs that specialize in emotional and/or behavioral needs that are a result of early childhood trauma
  • grants to non-profit camps that specialize in or promote the attendance of children with emotional and/or behavioral needs
  • grants to programs and organizations that actively reach out to and provide training for parents, educators, and other professional who are in close contact with and provide support for the special needs of these children and young adults
  • support for programs and organizations that provide outreach to teens and young adults who are aging out of the system
  • online resources for parents, foster families, adoptive families, educators, counselors, and other professionals who regularly interact with and provide support for children and young adults who have experienced early childhood trauma